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4 Great Yoga Poses to Relieve Asthma Symptoms

Among many other health and physical benefits of yoga, this physical activity also relieves asthma. Most asthma patients cannot exercise properly because they find intense physical activity to be challenging and burdensome. Luckily, there are certain yoga poses that are great when it comes to lowering the impact of asthma symptoms

The Best Yoga Poses that Help Asthma Patients

#1. Skull Shining Breathing Technique

Sit on a mat and keep your back straight. Both hands should rest on your knees, but make sure that your palms face the sky. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. While exhaling, pull your stomach by bringing the navel area as close to the spine as possible. You can keep your eyes closed during the entire pose. Also, you could place your right hand on the abdomen for a better abdominal muscle control. Repeat these breaths for at least 20 times.

#2. Forward Bend

This bending asana will open up your lungs and it will provide a natural asthma relief. Stand up, keeping your legs a little bit apart to create the perfect alignment between your feet and your shoulders. Our recommendation is to bend your knees a little to avoid any lower back strains. Grab each elbow with your opposite hand while letting your entire upper body hang. Maintain this pose for five deep and slow breaths. You should keep your eyes closed during the entire asana.

#3. Butterfly Pose

Sit on a mat with your feet soles pressed together, one against the other. Drop both knees out, keeping them as far away from your soles as possible. This asana is called the “Butterfly” because your legs should create a shape that resembles two wings.  Hold your ankles with your palms and keep your heels near the hips. Inhale slowly and then, while you exhale, fold your upper body forward. You should maintain this pose for at least five deep breaths.

#4. Bridge Pose

This is another yoga pose that opens the lungs. Lie on your back and comfortably place both arms parallel with your torso. Bend your knees and push your heels closer to your buttocks to align your feet with your knees. Take a deep breath and exhale while lifting your tailbone off the mat. Thighs should remain parallel with the floor.  While holding this position, press the shoulders against the mat and open your chest. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds. When the pose is done, you can exhale slowly and bring your lower spine back on the mat. 

Extra tip: combine yoga sequences with meditation and breathing exercises to achieve the best results and relieve asthma symptoms.

Bottom Line

If you practice the above yoga sequence on a daily basis, you will reduce asthma symptoms considerably. Yoga will help you take control over your body, which will lead to a more joyful life. Yoga is not a simple exercise or activity. It is a way of life! Namaste!

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