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Hey, Hey, Summer!

This year’s spring has literally sprung us into the hottest part of the year. Overnight, it brought crisp mornings paired with sizzling days, loosened hair braids, natural makeup, big hats, dark sunglasses, breezy dresses, bare feet, endless hours by the sea, a slower pace, long nights, light meals, bonfires, and fireflies. Seize summer early and enjoy the heat. 

If you’re not in the best shape of the year yet, I have faith in you that you’ll soon be there. Maybe if you’re reading this, you’ll get new strength to kick into a higher gear. Feeling good in your own skin will make you radiate confidence as well.

I wouldn’t say I like being stressed about things that I can have control over. Among those are definitely choices that I make about my wardrobe. An essential piece of summer gear is definitely a swimsuit or a bikini. I don’t have a preference as they are completely different—I like them both for how nicely they shape my body.

When choosing your swimsuit, be mindful of the material—the softer and thicker it is, the longer the swimsuit is going to last you. And the better it will hug your body and the more confidence you’ll feel. Look for patterns that highlight the best attributes on your body. For example, make certain parts look wider by having diagonal lines and elongate them with vertical ones.

Also, make sure it is the kind of a swimsuit in which you can move freely. Sure, lying flat on your back with one leg bent and a straw hat over your eyes is the epitome of summer vacation, but, in truth, you do anything but just lay there. You swim, play beach games, run around, and feel good and confident when doing all these. Your next trip to the waves will be that much more comfortable. Get yourself a staple straw bag where you can carry all your beach attire, books, headphones, towels, change of bikini, a water bottle, sunscreen, and anything else that you find necessary.

Here is the list of my essentials:

  • Pair your swimsuits with colorful beach towels. They usually are so comfortable and soft that I have not once considered buying them instead of regular shower towels. Laying out by the sea feels more like lounging on a cloud. 
  • If you want to be extra comfortable at your sunbathing, get yourself a comfortable yoga mat, so you can lay down by the sea, or even do yoga beachfront.
  • To protect your sight, always carry a pair of sunglasses with you. The summer sun is intense, and you don’t want to be wrinkly any time soon.
  • Throw a pair of flip-flops to your beach bag too. Though I prefer going barefoot, some areas are just not the safest and cleanest to walk without shoes on. And having a pair of extra footwear is never a bad idea. Maybe the ones you have on break down or start to feel uncomfortable. Be ready for those instances.
  • Pamper yourself by painting your nails in color combination with the swimsuit. I tend to be quite monochromatic about my wardrobe, so any color I add pretty much fits the ensemble. I either like dark or light clothes, and my all-time favorite red nails go well with them both.

I hope you strut to this summer with your head up high and confident that it will be a good one.

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