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How Can a Yoga Towel Enhance Your Practice ?

Have you ever seen a classmate roll out a normal yoga mat only to place a towel over the top of it? This may seem like an unnecessary addition to your yoga gear, but many yogis wonder if there could actually be a benefit to these very thin tools.

Yoga towels are increasing in popularity, a direct correlation with the prominent rise in the popularity of hot yoga. You may have seen them on the shelves of big box stores or sold in specialty retailers that carry the best yoga brands. If you’ve wondered whether one of these simple items could enhance your yoga practice, you should take a look at these key ways a simple towel can help.

Cleaner Environment

One of the most immediate benefits of a yoga towel is the extra sanitation it provides to your workout space. A traditional yoga mat is very easily cleaned by wiping it down with some essential oils or a mild cleanser, but very few yogis will take the time to do so on a regular basis. In comparison, a yoga towel is extremely easy to clean and it requires very little forethought.

While the specific care instructions will vary depending on the manufacturer, most yoga towels can be washed in a normal washing machine. They may require a gentler detergent or a gentle cycle. However, this is still an exceptional convenience that will make your yoga workout much more sanitary.

Safer Practice

A yoga towel can also help to promote a much safer practice space, particularly for a hot yoga practice. When you start a heat-building class, your body will naturally start to produce lots of sweat. If the temperature in the room is also high, your body will perspire even more heavily. This extra moisture on your yoga mat could lead to slipping when you move into more advanced asanas.

Don’t allow yourself to become perched in a precarious position. A yoga towel can absorb that moisture that accumulates which keeps your practice a little bit safer. Be sure to opt for a yoga towel that has a non-skid grip on the bottom to adhere to the floor or to your yoga mat.

More Practice Space Options

When you utilize a yoga towel as a part of your regular yoga gear, you’ll likely find that you can significantly expand the areas where you practice. A yoga towel is more convenient to pack in a suitcase if you happen to be traveling, for instance. You could practice in your hotel room, at the park next door, or even on the beach. This simple tool allows you to bring yoga with you wherever you go.

A yoga towel can be a relatively inexpensive and simple addition to your regular yoga practice. Allow yourself to experience the significant benefit of adding this high-quality yoga towel to your practice today. You’ll find that your practice is better for your body, both in terms of your health and your safety.

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