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Sound Bath Yoga

Our world is running fast-paced with the help of modern technology. But it is undeniable that some of these advancements have repercussions to the world we live in, especially to us humans. We are now experiencing the worst types of environmental conditions humanity has ever encountered.

One of these is the noise pollution we have to endure on a daily basis: from cars on a traffic jam and ads on big screens to even loud volumes of the television. The louder the noise, the more we are stressed. It is very important to pay attention to what you feel within. It is a must to take a break from the noise of modern living and ease out.



Tune in to Relaxation

It is no secret that sound vibrations effectively affect us on all levels. Music in low frequency often times sends us to an emotional frenzy, while the ones on higher frequency help lift up the mood. Sound bath yoga is a new trend which allows practitioners to find relaxation with the aid of sonic frequencies created by traditional gongs, crystal bowls, and tuning forks. These vibrations lower the heart rate, help clear any blockage on your energy channels, and relax the brain.

Yoga is a well-known stress buster. It helps strengthen the body while imposing composure in the mind. Among these are the golden pieces of wisdom you will learn through the journey. Combining yoga and sound bath into one will surely give you the deepest relaxation you ever had! Close your eyes and breathe.

One of the most accessible and relaxing poses in yoga is Savasana, also known as the corpse pose. Simply lie down on the ground with your hands on your side and the palms facing up. Breathe fully by filling in your diaphragm with air, then your chest. Exhale and let go of the air in your chest, then on the diaphragm.

Are you looking for an alternative from antidepressants or just want to tune out the noise of the outer world? Sound bath yoga might be the answer. It isn’t hard to find local yoga studios that offer sound bath yoga. Access the Internet for inquiries and you won’t be disappointed. Remember to always find time for self-awareness and be open to new experiences.

Embrace New Experiences

As you soak into sound bath and absorb the experience, cozy clothing will help amplify the relaxation you are diving into. Look for a yoga pant that will surely give you the comfort of self-awareness without restricting your movements. 90 Degree by Reflex is great for comfort. Their line of High Waist Cotton Power Flex Legging is quality comfort made with over 72% cotton. Cotton is an extremely breathable natural fiber and you should wear it as much as you can. Grab yours here.

Another pair of leggings is Neonysweets Yoga Leggings with Pocket. These super stretchy and breathable yoga pants for women are very durable and functional. It is designed with pockets on both sides and a back pocket secured with a zipper. These leggings will save you the hassle of carrying your phone or keys around. Created with 45% nylon, 12% lycra, and 43% polyester. Neonysweets Yoga Leggings with Pocket is a cozy, moist-wicking yoga pant you’ll surely adore. Check them out here.

Always keep your doors open to new experiences. Do not be afraid of learning and discovering new things. Have the courage and an open heart with no expectations. In whatever you dive into, always make sure to have fun!

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