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Things don’t always go as you plan them. Some days, you wake up and feel run down. Not often, there are days when an extensive to-do list of activities defeats me before I even attempt to tackle the first thing off of it.

In those instances, it is definitely wise to back off a little, take a couple of deep breaths, and then do one of the following things:


  1. Delve deep into crossing things off your to-do list.
  2. Take me-time.


I’m all for going with the first. But that doesn’t always work. Sometimes, you’re dependent on others to complete tasks. In those instances, again, breathe deep and take time to yourself. A couple of minutes of careless activities can help you get a clear perspective on the issues and make you complete tasks with more ease once you do tackle them.


  • Call a friend. Speaking to someone about what is on your mind, firstly gives you a good perspective on how big the issue is – when you hear yourself talk about it. Secondly, he/she might have an idea of how you can easily tackle your tasks.
  • Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down how you feel. There is a whole science behind this. Pouring thoughts on a paper release them from your mind, making your mind freer and more open to new experiences.
  • Celebrate the activities within your routines that are working well.
  • Prepare a healthy meal. Sometimes, we are running low on energy, but we are not sure what we are missing. It might be some healthy nutrients to our system that refresh it and, in return, produce some good ideas.
  • Prepare a warm beverage. Anything that’s warm will make you slow down and become more mindful. Help yourself from always being in a rush.
  • Go outside the house. Look at nature. Maybe you get inspired from there.
  • Get some fresh foods from either a farmer’s market or a grocery store. Buy something you normally wouldn’t and prepare a new kind of meal from it. Treat your taste buds to new experiences.
  • Change the setting and go for a nature walk. Getting some fresh air to your brain will help you get new perspectives and ideas.
  • Wear something comfortable, like your best pair of yoga pants.
  • Take time to listen to an audiobook or a motivating speech online or read an inspiring book.
  • Think positively. Good mood rubs on others in all the positive ways.
  • Do some yoga, a short stretching routine, or a full-on workout. Making your blood circulate, sends fresh ideas to your brain as well.
  • Take a shower. A fresh body fosters a fresh mind.
  • If no coffee does the trick anymore, take a nap. It is the ultimate relaxation, and your body and mind will both be fresh to work on the things that need to be crossed off your to-do list.
  • At the end of the day, if the only thing standing in between you completing your tasks stress-free is you taking a couple of minutes in between your tasks to clear your head, you are one lucky person.


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Be thankful that you are healthy and that you are able to work.

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