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Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga and essential oils work wonderfully together. Oils can be used before the actual practice and during the cleaning after it. Yoga and oils together are a power-duo that supports both the mind and body. They are not only beneficial but also taste and smell amazing!

Before practice, drink 1-2 ounces of Ningxia Red. Ningxia Red is a powerful drink that is filled with energy and it is amazing for overall body wellness.

Lemon Vitality oil can be added to the Ningxia Red not only for taste but also as a dietary supplement and body cleanser.

Staying hydrated is extremely important to have a safe and beneficial practice. A large water bottle should always be kept close to the mat.

Uplifting oils such as Lime Vitality oil and Peppermint Vitality oil can be added to water for not only taste but also added benefits. Lime Vitality oil is great for supporting a healthy immune system and can also aid in weight management. Peppermint Vitality oil is a powerhouse for digestion support and also helps clear the airway to achieve deeper breaths throughout practice. Deeper breaths mean deeper poses!

Not only are oils beneficial to take internally but they are also beneficial when diffused. Diffusing oils such as Lavender, Orange, Stress Away, and Believe can set the perfect mood for practice. More energizing oils such as Orange should be used during morning practices to awaken the mind, while more soothing oils such as Lavender should be used during bedtime practices to help wind down the mind and body.


Oils can also be applied topically to aid practice. Oils such as Grounding and Harmony can be applied to the bottom of the feet to give not only a relaxing feeling but also to help stabilize the mind. Peace and Calming can also be applied behind the ears to bring ease to the practice.


Breathing is crucial for a successful yoga practice. Oils such as Breathe Again, Peppermint, and Spearmint aid the respiratory system beautifully. These oils can be diffused or placed in the hand and inhaled using Ujjayi breathing in order to reap their airway clearing benefits. A clear airway can aid in getting in and maintaining the most difficult of poses.

After practice, sore muscles can be eased with oils such as Deep Relief, PanAway, and Copaiba. These oils can be diluted with a carrier oil and applied directly to sore muscles or a few drops can be added to a hot bath with Epsom Salts to create a relaxing and relieving post yoga bath. Giving attention and support to sore muscles is helpful to keeping yoga practices constant and going deeper into stretches. It’s much easier to get back on the mat with soothed muscles rather than stiff and aching ones.

Yoga mats can get pretty disgusting after a strenuous practice. Keeping yoga mats clean is crucial to staying healthy but also using non-toxic cleaners is important. Lavender, salt, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil and distilled water can all be added to a spray bottle to create a wonderful smelling, toxic-free mat cleanser.

Yoga is such a beneficial addition to anyone’s daily routine. It brings clearness and strength to both the mind and the body. The addition of essential oils to yoga creates a powerhouse team that creates a healthier and more beneficial environment both inside and out.

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